Real Estate Formula

Monday, December 14, 2020   /   by Ernie Arrizza

Real Estate Formula

Some people think that you just take a few pictures and put a property on mls and slap a price and a sign on the lawn. That might have worked in the 80's and 90's, but things are a little different now. Here is the formula to giving your home the best opportunity to get the most money even in a crazy sellers market. 

1. Staging: Whether you hire a professional stager, or use your own furniture, staging is a big compliment to any house. Painting is included here. 

2. Clean: Make sure the house has no clutter, and is clean. If your house smells like crap it doesn't matter you will be losing money. 

3. Is it available to show: If your house is great but you can't show it for one reason or another, those agents and buyers will walk away. 

4. Marketing: This has dramatically changed in the last ten years. 360 video, high def pictures, and how you present your house is a key component of selling your house. Especially online these days. This is the first impression of your house and this is where many agents lack. Technology here is key!

5. Price: Some agents pricing strategy are to under price and see what happens. This is not a pricing strategy. This is lazy and many agents just under price and then if their clients don't get great offers, they say that is what the market is. Then they force a price reduction. 

Proper pricing should be to see where the comparables are, see what direction they are going and price it correctly. Offer dates should be based on the demand of the property. 

There may be many more little steps in this formula. Getting the right team to implement this formula is also key to success. if one of these things are off, you might see less money, or not get the proper price you should be getting. The key is to maximize this formula to coincide with what is going on in the market. pexels-photo-3769714.jpeg

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