Top Features Requested In Homes Right Now

Friday, December 4, 2020   /   by Ernie Arrizza

Top Features Requested In Homes Right Now


Since people are pretty much going no where right now and for the past 9 months, people are starting to re-evaluate what they want in a home. They are re-evaluating where they want to live, and how their future might be in the next few years. Many are moving out of the city and looking for bigger homes, and also looking for specific features. Here are some features that buyers are putting at the top of their list:


1. Finished basement with bedroom & Washroom. I must've answered this question a million times in the past 9 months. Does it have a finished basement and a bedroom? Why? Everybody is either using it for a nanny, a parent, or a teenager that needs some space. 


2. Office: Everybody is working from home, so they need a space to work in. 


3. Pool: Since most pools are closed, and or people don't want to navigate going to a public pool, this has been a top selling feature this year. Jacuzzi's have also been up there. Pool prices have gone up like crazy and pool sellers have been sold out until next year. Value of this feature has also gone up due to the popularity of it. 


4. Outdoor space: Since people are stuck inside, people need somewhere to go. Many people I see have bought pets. Pets need somewhere to go. All this equate to having some outdoor space and the reason people are leaving the city condos to buy places where there is a backyard and space to walk in peace. 


5. Home Gym, Movie Room, Entertainment room. Generally when people are looking for a finished basement this is what they would put in the basement. It makes sense since all of those items are closed right now. 


6. Large Kitchen Space: Im adding a bonus, people are all cooking at home right now, discovering new ways to make cookies and home made bread. They need space to do that. 


pictures courtesy of John Ryan 


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