Virtual Staging

Wednesday, April 11, 2018   /   by Ernie Arrizza

Virtual Staging

lawnmower-man-original.0.0-1080x675.jpgThere has been a lot of advances in technology this year, and one of the areas is virtual staging. It has come down so much that some agents are looking at this as viable alternative to staging, rather than have the place look empty on photos and videos.

In my personal experience, I think that this is setting your potential buyer up for a disaster when they go visit the house. If they don’t visit the house and buy the property online line (ya right!) then it is a great way to showcase the house.

Here’s the thing, when they go to the house, and see empty rooms, they are going to be disappointed, it is deflating to expect to see a beautifully arranged house, then go and you look at empty rooms.

While some people might have an imagination, some and most people don’t. I learned this the hard way of being in this business for a while. You say “oh, its just a little clutter, image the house without all this garbage and plants everywhere”. That doesn’t work at all, or I would say, Imagine a chair here, and a chair there,” meanwhile there is a huge table thats in the way.

There are some special people out there, that can imagine what a house might look like when they get there, and they may also refer back to the photos with the virtual furniture, but lets face it, its a new gimmick that cheap agents and home sellers are going to start using because they don’t want to properly market their house.

The bottom line is, you want to sell your house and get the most for your home. Stage it, clean it, renovate it and stop being cheap with the agent and the stagers. Spend the money, and the money will come back that the house deserves.