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Monday, December 14, 2020   /   by Ernie Arrizza

What Do Vaccines Mean for the Real Estate Market?

It is hard to imagine that in a pandemic, the Real Estate numbers have shot through the roof in the past 9 months. Nobody could have predicted that there would be a mass exodus out of city's and move to anywhere but. 

When the pandemic started in March many of my clients opted to halt their Real Estate ventures and stay put. A month later, people started to feel cramped in their space and start looking beyond to see if they could afford a place with a backyard, some space and a home office. Many people did that and prices outside of the city core exploded. Prices also exploded all the way to Windsor and outskirts where nobody thought of. Find a nice peaceful town, with a backyard and pool, that's what people did. 

Places near the city with these features went through the roof, the reason being, it was outside enough of the city core, but had land and space inside an actual house. We are still seeing a trend going upward daily and right now. Each sale spurts the mark ...

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Friday, December 4, 2020   /   by Ernie Arrizza

Top Features Requested In Homes Right Now

Since people are pretty much going no where right now and for the past 9 months, people are starting to re-evaluate what they want in a home. They are re-evaluating where they want to live, and how their future might be in the next few years. Many are moving out of the city and looking for bigger homes, and also looking for specific features. Here are some features that buyers are putting at the top of their list:
1. Finished basement with bedroom & Washroom. I must've answered this question a million times in the past 9 months. Does it have a finished basement and a bedroom? Why? Everybody is either using it for a nanny, a parent, or a teenager that needs some space. 
2. Office: Everybody is working from home, so they need a space to work in. 
3. Pool: Since most pools are closed, and or people don't want to navigate going to a public pool, this has been a top selling feature this year. Jacuzzi's have also been up there. Pool prices have go; ...

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016   /   by Ernie Arrizza

How To Avoid The Buyer Blues

Buying a house in a tough market like Toronto can be very emotional draining. There are many obstacles to overcome such as bidding wars, no inspection clauses, no finance clauses, and being unsure of so many factors.
In a crazy market, it is best to find your house first then sell after. The reason being that you will not be forced to buy something you don’t like if your time runs out on the selling end.
I have witnessed many buyers go through what I call the Buyers Blues through my travels, and in many cases there are a few steps to avoid this from the beginning. Here is my list of things to do:

1. DO NOT FALL IN LOVE with the house you see. When you are looking for a house, always keep in mind the house is not yours until you get the keys. Even if you have a firm deal in place there are many things that must happen before you are actually living there.

2. Be Realistic: Do not look at houses that are under priced and out of your price range. Examine your budget and what ; ...

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