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Humber Heights-Westmount, also known as Humbervale, is a neighbourhood in Etobicoke, Toronto, Ontario. The neighbourhood is bounded by the west bank of the Humber River, west to Royal York Road and south to Eglinton Avenue West. The Humber Creek divides the area into the northern 'Humber Heights' (originally the Etobicoke side of York Township's Weston) and the southern 'Westmount' (originally part of the 'Richview' farming district) centred along Scarlett Road and La Rose Avenue. 'Richview' district (and Richview Sideroad) originated in Westmount at Scarlett Road(at the now Eglinton Avenue intersection) and its elevation in the scenic neighbourhood gave birth to the name 'rich'-'view'. Richview Sideroad was changed to Eglinton Avenue in 1970 when a 4-lane bridge was built from the east side of the Humber River to Scarlett Road in Etobicoke. This caused the morphing of Richview Sideroad with Eglinton Avenue, and the name-change. Toronto City planners had hoped to turn Richview Sideroad into The Richview Expressway to connect mid-town Toronto to the western townships down to Hamilton. Local opposition from Westmount/James Gardens/Richmond Gardens districts put up strong and influential fight to eventually kill the plan. via Wikipedia

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